Flight Information Display System (FIDS) 

Custom branding, content, and icons increases awareness among guests.

Custom Advertising

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Enhance Guest Experience

Guests will appreciate up-to-date information of late departures and arrivals.

Manage Potential Room Overflow

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Providing guests with flight cancellations can give hotels an early opportunity to book their room.

Digital signage displays allow information to be presented for all guests, passengers, and airport personnel along with gate information.

Flight Information Signage & Displays

Promote these and other airport services, or even add a new revenue stream by selling advertising space on grid displays to third parties.

For travelers who may constantly worry about missing their trip, flash announcements (full-screen or in a footer or side panel) about flights that about to depart or last-minute gate changes.

Waiting Area Signs

"Technically, the system has been flawless. The ability to manage all displays from a central location, whether they are on our WAN or not, is fantastic."

Jeff G. | Rivervale, NJ

"You guys are great, and your support has been a big help. I will continue to use Mvix products for all digital signage on all future installs."

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Jack Netter | Chicago, IL

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